Progressivism In Finding Superman

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In chapter 3 of Finding Superman, authors Linda Darling-Hammond and Ann Liberman, suggested several ways to create high-quality schools for all children in the United States. She suggested strategies that should emulate the best of what has been accomplished in public education both her and abroad. Many of her suggestions incorporate the progressivistic philosophy of education. The first was, “elimination of the structural barriers that prevent regular public schools from innovating and creating ever more successful learning opportunities for all students” (43). This would be supported by the progressive perspective because it opens more learning opportunities for students. This theory believes schools should involve a curriculum built off of student’s interest, talents, and abilities. By eliminating these structural barriers there is more room to invent programs within the school that really draw student’s interests and desires into the curriculum. Another improvement Linda Darling-Hammond and Ann Liberman suggested, from Finding Superman, is the implementation of “a 21st-century curriculum and assessment system that offers lean curriculum guidance… focuses on critical thinking and problem solving, and engages in performance assessments that both measure learning and inform teaching productivity” (43). The progressivism perspective supports this suggestion because it suggests not having a prescribed curriculum, with no fixed sequence. Progressivism also believes strongly

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