Progressivism Vs Progressivism

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The end of the nineteenth century documented the beginning of significant change and reform within the United States during a time of rapid development. The time during the 1890’s to the 1920’s marked a period of political and social innovation in America, known as the Progressive era. Progressivism was compiled by many different responses to the economic and political issues produced by industrial expansion, immigration, and corruption within the government. During such time of tremendous growth, progressive leadership within the federal government was bound to implement new strategies regarding reoccurring problems such as racial equality, the role of women in society, and labor rights. The Presidents of the time impacted the people and the economy in more ways than one. Concepts in Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” and Woodrow Wilson’s “New Freedom,” both involved many acts of progressive reform. However, Theodore Roosevelt’s strong oversight in the Square Deal was his committed concentration on the protection of the people and the environment, which made Roosevelt’s domestic program more effective with concerns to all aspects of leading progressivism.
The people of the era, progressive reformers, were fixated on the idea of progress and “social cohesion.” The citizens believed the society was dependent on one-another and progress was to be made through the working of society as a whole. The end of the nineteenth century was an intense period of industrialization.
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