Project Charter

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Project Charter for the
YourGard CRM Implementation Project

Project Purpose and Justification
YourGard is a rapidly growing technology company that provides hardware and software products for the business security sector, they currently have revenues of more than $200 million. Yourgard recently acquired the company Bio-Gard, a leader in the access control market who had revenues of $80 million and is best known for their biometric technology and sophisticated management software. Yourgard has seen over the past six months a loss of new and additional business revenue from existing contracts due to a severe decline in customer satisfaction. Customer frustration stems from the lack of clear points of contacts for both the sales and
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3. Increase new business revenue by $5 million within the first 6 months of project completion by having an increased awareness and knowledge of customer needs, improved reputation, and the best blend of customer and project knowledge 4. Increase add-on business by $3 million dollars within the first quarter of project completion by improving the company’s completed current service obligation rate to 95% 5. Reduce work redundancy between the field service and tech support teams by 50% within 3 months of project completion by centralizing the tracking of interaction and activities that are associated with all customers and contacts.

Product Scope Description
The new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will build a connected, collaborated, and integrated customer facing organization. CRM will have simplified features and a utilize cloud technology to support multiple departments within the organization. CRM users will be able to: 1. Maintain customer profiles 2. Support customer service team with flexible workflows to manage cases using shared customer knowledge 3. Support the sales team by tracking leads, opportunities and managing the sales pipeline 4. Study requirements for supporting marketing campaigns 5. Provide analytics to measure success with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across all areas. 6. Easily transition to a full featured customized

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