Research Paper On The Information System Of Apple

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Information System of Apple Inc. BN160722 BUS 530 Managing Information System and Technology Professor: Dr. Marko Nino Westcliff University 06/11/2016 Abstract This study focuses on the information system of Apple Inc. Information System of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is an American multinational organization that design, manufactures and sells the high technological electronics, online services, computer software and accessories. The product and services of Apple Inc. consist of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, Apple watch, software (ios operating system, icloud) and so on. Apple is the leading brand in the mobile market across the globe. Apple delivers the applications through iTunes store, Mac App Store developed by the Apple Inc itself. The company offers its product worldwide via different retail stores, showroom, online stores,…show more content…
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Customer relation management (CRM) is a cross functional enterprise system that computerizes numerous customers serving form in direct marketing, sales, customer service and accounting management. CRM allows a company to distinguish and focus on their best customer so that they can be held as a loyal customer for a longer period of time. Deployment and Implementation of Information System The planning involved in the deployment and implementation of information system are highlighted in the following points: • Acquisition of hardware, software and external information system services • Development and modification of software • Multiple copies of software/database and application • Successfully converting the files • Testing of program and procedures • Documentation of system • Providing software training and
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