Project Management Methodologies For Project Managers

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Project Methodology There are numerous project management methodologies available for project managers to choose from. The best process or methodology must take into consideration the unique aspects of the project, including factors such as staff size and system criticality, as determined by the project manager and the core team (Cockburn, 2000). From my vantage point, the primary concern is the team member buy-in and keeping the process participatory, while managing the interaction, communication and contributions from the various team members towards the fulfillment of the objective. It also goes without says, that meeting time, scope, costs and performance, and quality standards are of the utmost importance; to guarantee that the final deliverable meets with the clients expectations. The Big-M methodology seems to be the most comprehensive process methodology, which focusses on the “people, roles, skills, tools, techniques, processes, activities, milestones, work products, standards, quality measures and team values” (Cockburn , 2000, p. 1). The selected management approach should also conform to the standards outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) during the project’s life cycle which includes: the development of a project charter, formulation of the project scope statement, developing a project management plan, management of the project itself, monitor and control systems, integrated change control and project closeout (A Guide to the

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