Scope Creep : Project Management

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The concept of project scope may be one of the most ample in project management. It involves objectives, limits and intentions. Every requirement in a project as well as its characteristics must be dealt with when planning the scope. Even though it 's reasonable to say that every project is unique, the causes for which it fails are generally the same. And if you already know what these causes are, you can minimize the likelihood of problems being repeated and thus increase the chance of success.

It has been said that you can often detect if a project is going to fail in its first two months. Projects are normally approved and initiated with unrealistic expectations and with an …show more content…

As it was often cited in class, no project can achieve success without proper coordination between three essentials: scope, schedule and cost. Change one, and the other two will be impacted. On the other hand, trying to prohibit all changes to a project is often fruitless and can have very adverse consequences.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI, 2013), ‘scope creep’ is the incremental expansion of the project’s scope – e.g. through additional work requests - without the necessary readjustment of the other two elements: schedule and cost.

As most projects are required to meet deadlines with resource restrains, managing the scope creep through careful planning and control is an essential ability to every project manager. There are a number of causes for scope creep in projects, and these will be addressed in the next chapters as well as a few solutions to prevent further damage to the project.


Scope creep can be one of the worst enemies of a project manager, specially if it 's not adequately addressed. It includes anything that was not part of the initial scope and was added without passing through an evaluation process.

According to Shore (2014), a project that starts out to achieve one set of results may find that it has many more objectives added on to it before it is complete. Because a project 's scope is mapped

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