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Julius Ford
April 2, 2015

Capstone Project Essay My capstone project essay will be reviewing basic networking involving IP addressing, network configurations, hardware and cabling. I will also discuss different type of networks, cables and user software. In my essay I will also discuss the TCI/IP networks which are short terms for trustworthy computing initiative and internet protocol. In order to communicate among computers you need software network operating system and this communication is known as media. All computers are set up with a GUI this is the way computers and human communicate. A GUI is graphical user interface it allows you to use a mouse instead of having to type in commands. In order to use the internet you have to be using data network. Computer networks are telecommunication network which allows computers to exchange data. Data is passed through a network link which is passed in the form of packets. There several types of networks some examples are LANS, WANS, CANS which is used depending on the area. The most commonly used is a LAN this means local area network and is used to cover a single building. The second most used is WAN this is a wide area network and is used to cover millions of people within the service. Another network server that is really useful Linux. Linux is free open source which accepts all data packets. A CAN is campus area network which is a branched of linked together LANS. Most device operate by using IP

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