Project Rfp And Bids Approval

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1. CR Status Project RFP/Bids CR Status Mezzanine Bids Received Approved Pump House Bids Received Approved Snow Melter Approved Micro Turbine Approved SMG Pump and Boiler Skids Bids Received Approved SMG Mechanical / Electrical Approved SMG Plumbing CRs in process Big House Columns Bid Received Approved Summit BOS Facility Approved 2. Waste Heat and Fuel Piping Discussion – CPS met with NSF, ALEX and CRREL on Jan 27th to discuss the proposed plan. Notes and a site plan for the buried lines at Summit are attached for review (Attachment A). B. Raven 1. Raven Camp CR – CPS is waiting for direction from NSF to submit this CR. Has there been any discussions with AIL? Should this CR be submitted? 2. Raven Power System Options – CPS has…show more content…
Action Items: 1. CPS (Sever) to check with IAB if any permits are required from BLM for the USDA Labs to be installed at Toolik. The permit is based on the Toolik LRFP, which will be updated for IAB to provide to BLM. CPS has started the process of updating the LRFP document. Ongoing 2. CPS (Smith) to develop an estimate of the long term maintenance costs of the BEO power line. UIC is working with AK Line Builders to obtain pricing. Ongoing 3. CPS (Raine/Burnside) to develop a list of assets required for the GrIT and SCAT to help define “what is” GrIT and SCAT. Ongoing 4. CPS (Sever) to develop a final report of the SMG Fabrication, including costs and weights. This will be used to assess similar structures in the future and to share with AIL. Include info on the pull test performed by CRREL. Ongoing 5. CPS (Timmons) to develop an estimate for a new Summit Utilidor. NSF has proposed changing the concept for Summit to elevated structure eliminating the need for the Utilidor. This actions item is overcome by events, recommending closing. Complete 6. CPS (Jay/Jessy) to develop an analysis of vehicle usage for Thule and provide a recommendation on lease vs own. CPS has revised the paper and a final version will be provided for review. Ongoing 7. CPS (Burnside/Wahl) to assess all equipment to determine if there are outstanding recalls and develop a process to do this annually. Jeff has started this process. Ongoing 8. CPS

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