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No matter what methodology is used for a project, the first step of any project would be to define the scope. The project scope will help define the work that needs to be done and is needed to establish a project timeline, set the project goals, and to allocate the funds. ( When the project scope has been defined, the Project Manager will be able to keep the project on time, on budget, and be able to allocate tasks to the right people, making sure things are efficiently done. The scope for this project is to transition from making the medium size cruisers to the larger motorcycles. The project scope will have to include the work that will have to be done to accomplish the completion of services and tasks, as well as…show more content…
For instance, because the motorcycle is bigger, it could be heavier and cut back on fuel efficiency. You may need to take that into consideration as most people will want to buy the most fuel efficient motorcycle they can get. You would have to take into consideration the actual structure of the motorcycle as well. The company will want to make sure that not only is the bigger cruiser safe, but you will want to make sure that the structure is set up so that it gives a comfortable ride. The project plan is primarily the contract between the Project manager, Executive Sponsors, Project team, and any other management associated with the company, or may be affected by the project.( The project plan is comprised of the scope, risks, goals, how to achieve said goals, and anything that may pertain to the project. The first thing I would do would be to create my scope, or the vision of the project. The vision of the project would include project scope and the WBS. Because we are talking about manufacturing a larger motorcycle, this will include all specifications of the motorcycle, including anything involving the structure of the motorcycle. The second step of my project plan would be to meet with stakeholders and key management of the company. As Project Manager this step is crucial. You need to be able to identify those who contribute monetarily and those who would be most affected by the second project

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