A Project Management Plan For The Orion Shield Project

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Executive Summary
A good project management plan takes some preparation it includes the basic concepts of proper planning, organization and great project manager management skills. It includes a variety of resources that come together to achieve a certain goal. As project manager it is imperative that he or she deliver the necessary results within the time limitation as well as within the allotted budget. Effective project managers allocate certain aspects of the project to their team in order to ensure the project’s success. The Orion Shield Project is a story of a recently chosen project manager, Gary Allison, who worked for the Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) whose lack of experience, skills, actions and unethical decisions resulted in a practically failing project for the NASA. Gary being a project engineer was more focused on one aspect of the project and not the other thus unable to find the right balance between the two. This paper will identify and analyze the challenges of an unorganized project as well as discuss recommendations to enhance the performance of the project manager.
In order to be an effective project manager certain things have to be accomplished. According to Schwalbe ( 2015), “Project managers must not only strive to meet specific scope, time, cost, and quality requirements of projects, they must also facilitate the entire process to meet the needs and expectations of the people involved in or affected by project

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