Proletariat vs. Bourgeoisie in Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto

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Proletariat vs. Bourgeoisie in Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels attempt to explain the reasons for why there is class struggle and suggest how to prevent class separation. According to Marx there are two different types of social classes: the bourgeoisies and the proletarians. The bourgeoisie are capitalists who own the means of production and the proletarians are the working classes who are employed by the bourgeoisies. Due to their wealth, the bourgeoisies had the power to control pretty much of everything and the proletarians had little or no say in any political issues. According to Marx, the proletarians population would increase and they would …show more content…

The bourgeoisies made sure that the only way of survival for the working class was through them. Marx even believed that the churches were oppressing the proletarians because the bourgeoisies were controlling the churches. Therefore, Marx thought that religion should be abolished. Another thing that Marx believed had no existence was the government because the bourgeoisie held all political power.3

The proletarians and the bourgeoisies had very different ways in which they lived during the industrial age. The proletarians lived inside the city where pollution was very bad and overcrowded by a large majority of population, where as the bourgeoisies lived outside the city limits and controlled much of the land. Once the Industrial Revolution came the life in the cities where the proletarians lived became very drastic. Disease in the city became very bad and could destroy a large percentage of the population by causing death. The working class suffered from various types of diseases such as lung disease and many poisonings. The working class would not nearly live as long as the bourgeoisies because they would not be able to receive the medical care that they needed.4 Also crime in the cities became very high because criminals could get away very easily. Eventually law enforcement would be created to slow down the high rates of crime. Another thing

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