Prologue: A Narrative Fiction

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I woke up to another day, waiting to be filled with learning and adventure. As I got out of my sleeping pod, a red, cylindrical tube dropped from the place directly above me. I knew better than to let it hit the ground. My tube I had been given last night had cracked open, and still hadn’t been noticed by our as the nutrients that came from these meals were to the wellbeing of all Unders.
We lived in the Fifth sector, in a community called Corenas. It was the smallest of the sectors, but it seemed to be under the closest watch by the. My mother transported us to our Educatory facility every day, which we called the Mern, in the device that my father had made especially for that purpose. It looked like he had made our living quarters float, since it blended in with the light teal color of the sky. It could only fit six Unders, while some could fit up to twenty. It was an abnormal thing to take your own Unders to the Mern, and even stranger to take someone else’s along with them, like my mother did. Normally, large hoverbuses would take all of the children to the Mern at once, but my mother had begun taking us all after the androids that ran the hoverbuses started to malfunction. No one knew why the decided to take those kids through the one area of the forest that was prohibited. Or at least, no one was telling us.
“Be safe,” My mother cooed as she kissed both of our foreheads. She was gorgeous. She was everything that I aspired to be: beautiful, kind, and

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