Tragic Figures: A Narrative Fiction

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The woman that only had half of her body came over to where Luna was and pulled out the butcher knife that she had found on the dolls lap in the last room. “Stop this nonsense and let us go, or else!” the woman with half a body said. Suddenly, Jefferey snatched the butcher’s knife from the woman’s hands and swung it around and around. “You want to challenge me don’t you-” he suddenly stopped because he saw he accidentally hit the half woman. The woman was bleeding all over, the blood came down from her head and ran down her face, clothes, and even of the floor. She had a visible gaping wound in her head from the butcher knife. She was dead. “Sorry about that, at least it wasn’t any of you, right?” he asked hoarsely.
Everyone in the room gasped at the sight of the half woman dead on the floor, her body seeming lifeless and her hands were at her wound, as if she was trying to stop …show more content…

Why are you just helping me?” asked Luna. Dio didn’t respond, they reached the main door, turned the silver polished chrome finish doorknob and proceeded to go outside. “There’s a police station a few blocks down the street we can make it by the rate of which Jefferey’s going. You’ll be fine,” Dio said. Luna stopped suddenly, and asked, “What did he really do to you? What happened to that eye of yours?” Luna pointed to Dio’s eyepatch as she was asking this. He slowly removed his patch. Underneath of it was some bandages that had blood visible from them. He then took those off revealing blood dried flesh, his eye socket had no eye apparent in it but only blood inside and surrounding it. It was dried onto his face, concluding that this had happened a while ago. “First, he poured some acid on me and then he decided to pull my eye using a knife. This is how it is now, much better than before,” Dio said, pointing at his wound as he did so. Dio then put his bandages back on, along with his eyepatch and started back up again. Luna was being dragged

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