Prom In America

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A few days ago, I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and I noticed some exceedingly infuriating comments on a picture that was posted by a white female. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the picture to see what everybody was so upset about. The picture turned out to be of a prom proposal of two white females asking an African American female attend prom with them. The poster was written on a plain, brown piece of creased cardboard. The poster said, “You may be picking cotton, by we’re picking you to go to prom with us.” Since this picture was leaked on multiple social media platforms, an abundance of people has seen it in addition to many newspapers reporting about it. The majority of people who viewed this picture more than likely immediately…show more content…
I find it hard to believe that these two girls did not realize that this was a racist comment. If the two girls genuinely did not realize that this was a racist way to ask their friend to prom and beyond a poor choice of words, that is very disappointing. This must reflect how little the school systems are teaching their students about African American history. Any person who has been even the slightest bit educated about the history of blacks in the United States would not even think about using that statement to ask a friend to prom if they wanted to refrain from offending viewers. An investigation is underway and school administrators are working with Broward County Public Schools regarding this incident. According to Tracy Clark, Chief Public Information Officer, “Our District is committed to providing learning environments that foster inclusion and respect” (“Students Behind Offensive”). Maybe the school system needs to find a better way of ‘providing learning environments that foster inclusion and respect’ after seeing such a racist comment being made, whether it was purposeful or accidental. These types of situations honestly make me worry about future generations being uneducated on black history in the United States and how that could perhaps divide our
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