Prometheus As A Tragic Hero

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Who was responsible for creating fire to mankind, who was on top of a mountain and had his liver ravaged by an eagle every night? Prometheus. This God was part of a powerful group of Gods called the Titans. Some people who knew what his personality was like might have described him as a trickster, and a troublemaker. However, Aeschylus described Prometheus as a tragic hero. There have been a variety of plays that has been written about his life. Prometheus is a very complex character in Greek Mythology, whose highest accomplishment was creating humans, but how he creates them raises the question; does the end justify the means? In the play Prometheus Bound, there were many powerful characters that played a huge role in the rise of Prometheus; there is one character alone that is worth talking about. In the play, Zeus is a relatively new God in Greece. He recently became the God of Olympus. Many of the Greeks come to find out what type of God he will be. When situations arise throughout the play, Zeus shows his ruler ways in not such a good light. He is mostly described in the play to be a cruel, vengeful, and dictatorial God. Even in tough situations, Zeus still acted in a vengeful manner. A great example of his vengeance towards Prometheus, he ordered Hephaesteus to chain Prometheus to a cliff, in hope he will die, but Prometheus is a Titian, therefore he cannot die. This part in particular stood out when reading the play; Zeus shows his cruel, vengeful, and dictatorial
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