Promise of Money Essay

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The United States economy is rapidly growing since 2010. According to Bloomberg Business News, employments’ rate has risen recently. However, well-paid jobs require some minimum college degree as a credential. As a result, many students continue to pursue higher education. Going to colleges become a popular trend in a modern world. Although many people go to college for various purposes; but in my view, their purposes of going to college are a way to get out of the poverty line and to gain advantages in the workforce.
First, the purpose of going to college is a way to get out the poverty line. The United States population is made up of different ethnic groups. Most families are in poverty line and lacking in education. They have high …show more content…

Higher education is an investment in human capital (Forest 183). Employers want somebody with a college degree, because in school students have a specific skills set when it comes to find a job. Very often what they learn in college will help in the work later on. As we see the college degree is a vital key for advancing for skilled jobs or a higher salary.
Through the points I made early, we can tell the purpose of going to college is to get good jobs. Poor families hope their next generation to succeed in college in order to get out of the poverty. They do not expect to see their children becomes like one of them. The next generation wants to do better than their families. A purpose of going to college is a safe way to satisfy those conditions. In summary, getting a good job means a good income and a better life.
Many also argued that their purpose of going to college is not only to have a good job or money, but also it is a real opportunity to expand knowledge and self-development. Moreover, education also helps people become a powerful and successful individual. “The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge” (Napoleon 10). I am honestly agreed to this point. Walter Isaacson, the one who interview Steve Jobs, has said that Steve Jobs saw college as a stimulation of his imagination. Even though Steve did not finish university but

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