Why We Choose College?

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Nathaniel Smith
English 145
13 October, 2015
Why we Choose College One of the biggest questions children and teens ask themselves in America is what they want to do with their future. Among the choices they have is the decision whether to attend college. It’s a big decision. For children, it seems like an easy decision. “Of course! You need a degree to get a job.” As we get closer to graduating high school, we find out that it’s much more complex. There are other options to consider. College can be a risk. It’s expensive, and many students are advised against attending because of this. It could add very little to their career path, or it might be vital to their dream career. Each person must decide what value college has to their …show more content…

However, many more opportunities are presented when one consider colleges. A college education doesn’t guarantee a job, but it does allow for the ability to look for jobs in more places. Students don’t even need a clear goal when they start, and may consider going to college with the intention attending classes in various fields to discover their interests. In particular, it is often the high paying jobs that require a college education, as college graduates tend to earn much more with higher credentials. According to Rodney K. Smith, former president of Southern Virginia University, “the average weekly income” is “$1,038 for those with a bachelors degree,” while only being “$626 for those with a high school degree” (29). Those with a college education are much more likely to find employment. Unemployment is a common concern as we are currently in recovery from a recession. Employers often prefer to hire employees with a college education. When looking at unemployment statistics, “10.3% of those with a high school education” are unemployed, while “5.4% of those with a bachelor’s degree,” and “2.4% of those with a professional degree” are unemployed. This is exemplified when you consider that many engineering companies turn first to Cal Poly graduates when looking for new employees. With the job market being so competitive, it is important to have more

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