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Promote Professional Development 4.1 Compare models of reflective practice Reflective practice is an essential means of developing basic skills and knowledge into expert skills and knowledge. Repetition of a particular skill enables a worker to become more competent in [performance, and eliminates poor practice. Workers can assist their team mates to improve their performance. Reflective practice helps workers think about how they could change their way of working – or should change their way of working by thinking ahead and using a structure to suit an activity. Donald Schon (1983) identified that learning in practice could be enhanced by 2 different kinds of activity – Reflection in-action and Reflection on-action. …show more content…

Encouraging staff to be self reflecting is important, as this improves team work and professional working practice. Workers need also to take responsibility for their own standards of work. 4.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance Reflective practice can be used by workers to enhance their performance and practice at work. It is a managers role to guide and support staff to understand the importance of professional development and how they take learning forward to allow their standard of work to be enhanced. Positive points can be shared with other team members and best practice can be used in the workplace. Self esteem and confidence can be developed by a manager giving good constructive support to a worker. This is then reflected by their performance in the workplace. All Staff have to attend at least 15 hours of training each year. This is a requirement in our workplace in order to help staff keep up with business targets and refresh in areas of work. Equality and diversity is mandatory for my team. This provides them with information on how to respect Clients race, gender, age, sex, intelligence or disability. These values are very important to care work. My organizational values are communicated to our Clients through Reablement Factsheets and person centered care plans. 4.3 Use Reflective practice and feedback from others to improve performance Reflective Practice is a tool that can be used by

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