Propaganda And Adoleure In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Animal Farm Essay During the early time period in Russia, millions were killed, tortured, or punished. The lack of education is a major factor in the manipulation of the Russian people. However, it was not always like this. Czar Nicholas ll was the previous ruler, but was overthrown with the rise of the communist party. After a few years, Joseph Stalin rose to power. Using secret police, propaganda and manipulation he controled everyone. This event in history can thoroughly be described through George Orwell's writing, in the book Animal Farm. In this novel, a large community of animals are treated unfairly by their ruler. They decided to revolt and rule themselves. The pigs manipulated the animals and took control. Specifically, Napoleon who used power and fear to control the animals. By the end of the book, feelings on the farm had changed. When tracing my learning throughout this unit, I have come to realize that I used to believe that knowledge was strictly used for education purposes , but now I think that knowledge is able to protect you and help you from being manipulated. Propaganda and fear tactics. These are two of the leading causes of manipulation, oppression, and the unfair treatment by totalitarian leaders. Fear tactics were commonly used in history and today to control people. Controlling media, having secret police, and mass killings are all used in this tactic. Joseph Stalin is well known for using these tactics. Afraid of a rebellion, he would kill and

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