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For decades genocide has been a problem all over the world. The killings are made by groups of individuals organized generally as militias, communal police, the army and death squads. It is imported to figure out what factors motivate people to participate in this horrid group violence. It is hard to imagine that something can persuade massive groups of people to murder innocent humans. History displays the recurring use of mass media being used to provoke this violence. Overall, mass media has been used as propaganda.
Propaganda is defined as “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” This can be used as any form of mass media such as television, …show more content…

It was very entertaining and seemed somewhat innocent at the time. Then they began to talk poorly on the Tutsi. They called them cockroaches. In a recording I listened to of the Radio- Television Libre des Mille Collines they said things as awful as “they look like animals, they are animals. The Tutsi cockroaches are bloodthirsty murderers. They dissect their victims, extracting their vital organs, heart liver and stomach.” Some more quotes from this recording follow: “They are man eating cockroaches.” “The Tutsi cockroaches are ferocious beasts.” “They may smile and wink, but they will take your children away.” This radio station used fear to convince Hutu extremists that the Tutsi were bad people. “We can’t let them attack our country. I’m asking everybody to stand up and fight using everything you have. We must take sticks, clubs and machetes, and stop them from destroying our country.” After the President's plane was shot down, the radio station went into full force. It was a sign to start telling people to kill. They began to direct people to kill by saying “The cockroaches’ cruelty is irreversible. The only remedy is total extermination. Kill them all. Totally wipe them out.” A killer during the genocide named ELie Mizinge states “The death of our president was the signal for the final chaos. But as with a harvest, the seed was planted before.”

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