Proposal For Reducing Carbon Emission

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Proposal to Reduce Carbon Emission
All over the globe, concerns about the increasing levels of harm that modern organizations pose to the environment have been prevalent. There is need to ensure that companies invest in strategies and solutions that will enable them to reduce the amount and extent of harm caused by their operations to the planet 's finite resources (Parry, 2012). It is against this background that the management of E227 Global Solutions has embarked on measures aimed at reducing the levels of pollution associated with the firm. This paper details a proposal discussing the recommended strategy to be used by the organization. In doing so, the exposition highlights the sources to be used in lend support to the …show more content…

Notably, both qualitative and quantitative studies related to how the idea of recycling materials helps conserve the environment will be examined in detailed. Some of these sources will include content drawn from peer-reviewed scholarly articles, periodicals, and books written by renowned experts on the subject.
It is worth noting that some of these publications will be concerned with the kind of techniques that contemporary organizations can use as part of efforts aimed at reducing or eliminating sources of waste. For instance, Eltayeb, Zailani, and Ramayah in 2011 observed that the leaderships of modern companies can pursue a variety of methods and use the same to get rid of unnecessary sources of waste. Similarly, Dangelico and Pujari in 2010 noted that a majority of modern firms have to deal with several types of materials that can easily be recycled rather than being discarded into the environment.
The research process will also involve an explication of contemporary literature related with some of the companies that have managed to integrate waste recycling into their operations with success. For example, a look at the work written by Zhu, Geng, Fujita and Hashimoto (2010) will provide valuable insight about how multinational corporations having subsidiaries in Japan have managed to use the proposed strategy in minimizing the harm caused by their operations to the environment. Such information will

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