Proposal On Child Abuse

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Skye Grinolsson
Ms. Haney
AP Lang & Comp Period 6
12 December 2017
G: Proposal 1- Effect Effects of child abuse appears psychologically, physically and is also present in behavior. When a child is abused, some known factors that can be seen physically may be bruises, scars, cuts, sprains, etc. Other known factors psychologically, may be anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Children may develop behavior issues when going through neglect. Because the guardian does not pay attention to their child they may have a bigger attitude. Some children gain an attitude through observatory learning. By watching their parents drink and throw away their lives, children observe those characteristics and can inherit them. With neglectful parenting, adolescents find it harder to communicate with people they form relationships with as a child and when they grow up as an adult.
Neglect causes discoordination in the lives of children. Such as developing new relationships, how well they do in school, drugs and alcohol.
When developing new relationships it can be hard because trusting becomes an issue. Growing up most children are meant to rely on their parents and trust that they do the right

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