Pros And Cons For Refugees

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Recommendation 2: Visas The Australian government should increase the number of permanent refugee visas available. Since the nation’s humanitarian program began, the number of total visas allocated has changed only minutely (44). It is argued here that since the number currently provided is only a small proportion of Australia’s migration program, and a negligible proportion of the total population a greater number of asylum seekers could be resettled. In fact, the resources saved by abolishing some of the deterrent policies, such as offshore detention, could be utilised in resettling more refugees. As part of this increase, TPVs should be converted to permanent visas with the full range of resettlement services and family member sponsorship permitted. This aligns with the US and Canadian policies which do not grant temporary visas to refugees (14). The sense of certainty and ability to plan around permanent visas are likely to improve the mental health outcomes of current TPV …show more content…

If this is politically unfeasible, considering that its impact on stopping boat arrivals is clear, then a more efficient offshore application process must be established. As has been argued by many refugee advocates, people are only likely to take the dangerous journey by sea if there is no safer option available to them. An increase in the number of permanent visas available should, in part, ease pressure on the offshore application process but would not assist those who have no access to UNHCR processes. A significant increase in the In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa (subclass 201) intake would allow asylum seekers, such as the Rohingya in Myanmar, to bypass the UNHCR and apply directly for a permanent resettlement visa without leaving the country they are being prosecuted in by

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