Pros And Cons For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is under a lot of scrutinization lately, but the natural drug is becoming a much more widely accepted medical option for symptom relief. Even some of the biggest celebrities are beginning to endorse it, and you won’t believe what they are doing with it! Read on to find out! Number Seven: Roseanne Barr is Selling Marijuana Medical marijuana advocate and comedian Roseanne Barr is popping into the pot industry. She plans to open up a dispensary in Santa Ana, California, in only a couple months’ time. Planned to be named “Roseanne’s Joint”, the celebrity plans on selling unique strains and products in addition to her key seller: pot-laced chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii. Number Six: Bill Maher is Going Public Bill Maher is one of the largest advocates for nationwide marijuana legalization, and often sports his views on his television program Real Time with Bill Maher. He supports it to such an extent that he decided to make media history by smoking a joint on air, live. After stating that his “third eye glaucoma” was acting up, he lit a joint and smoked it right there on set! That’s definitely one way to make a point!…show more content…
If all works out according to plan, his dispensaries under the name of Simple Organic Living should be ready to open in Honolulu by July. Number Four: Stephen Colbert Introduces the First Church of
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