Pros And Cons Of A Baby Bottle

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Are You Choosing The Right Feeding Bottle For Your Baby? Here’s Your Complete Guide

Watching my nephew grow up from a whiny newborn to a super charged-up toddler, I realized one thing about babies: They require extra care (AT. EVERY. STEP.); Even a task as simple as buying a bottle isn’t that simple when it comes to babies, especially first borns (new parents, dig me?). You will be glad to know that until your baby starts consuming solids, there’s a long road that can be covered smoothly with bottle feeding.
However, once your little munchkin has turned over six months of age and you wish to introduce top feed, it’s better to do your homework before you hit the streets in search of the right baby-friendly flask. After all, nestling your baby
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BPA (bisphenol-A) is a chemical substance used in the making of plastic bottles, which often finds its way in the food through the container. Since glass bottles are completely BPA free, they’re enjoying a good reputation amongst mommy…show more content…
Plastic Baby Bottles
By far the most widely used material in baby bottles, plastic is affordable, lightweight and can be moulded into different designs and shapes. Plastic baby bottles are so common that you can spot at least one in nine out of ten households with infants. However, the use of these bottles declined with the spread of awareness of BPA content present in them. You’ll be glad to know that in 2012, FDA banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. To make sure, you can also look for BPA-free label on the bottle.
Pros of using plastic baby bottle:
• Lightweight
• Affordable
• Resistant to breakage
• Easy to store
• Doesn’t sweat
Cons of using glass baby bottle:
• Cannot be used for boiling & heating purposes
• Hard to clean
• Soft material; easily scratch-able
• Can absorb odour
• Made using petroleum

3. Stainless Steel Baby
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