Breast Feeding Vs. The Bottle

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Breast-feeding vs. The Bottle: The Decision is yours “Some mothers have to give up breastfeeding even though they want to breastfeed. To give up breastfeeding can be a sensitive issue in a time when breastfeeding is promoted as the healthiest for mother and child” (Larsen & Kronborg, 2013, p. 848). The debate over whether breast-feeding is better than bottle-feeding or vice versa has been a debate for many years. With more and more research that is continuously being developed, the option to breast-feed or bottle-feed is ultimately up to the parents of the child. Although the decision could be based on factors such as a physical incapability or financial burdens, the end result should always be what is going to be best for the baby. As research continues to grow, there has been proven evidence of the positive and negative aspects that come with breast-feeding and bottle-feeding.
The Benefits of Breast Feeding Starting from infancy, parents have the right to make the decisions in their new child’s life, which includes breast-feeding their child. “Infant nutrition is important in development and health throughout life” (Klag, McNamara, Geraghty, & Keim, 2015, p. 1059) Although the process has been known to bring some complications and many attempts, the end result has been proven to be beneficial to not only the infant during that time but can be tracked in their life down the line. The decision to breast feed is a decision that will not only impact the child, but can also
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