Pros And Cons Of Animals In Zoos

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Are animals safe in zoos? Are zoos main priority profit, and not animal welfare, therefore capitalizing on breeding, buying, and selling animals? There are many pros and many cons of animals being kept in zoos. A couple of those pros and perspectives are, conducting research, education and conservation opportunities for the animals. While also, zoos providing many benefits to animals that normally would have not received them, such as training. On the flip side, there are a couple cons. Some of the perspectives of the cons, are zoos posing risks that affect animals and how zoos take their toll on the mental conditions of animals, dictating behavior of some animals and ultimately the animal’s welfare. I will touch on these pros and cons throughout the paper and will be considering different varieties of perspectives, and ultimately concluding on my thoughts of animals being kept in zoos. Are animals safe in zoos? That’s been a question many people are trying to answer.
Pro Position: Perspective/Proponents in Favor There are a couple of pros that are associated with animals being kept in zoos. Zoos are among the greatest places to take your family for a fun time. Going to zoos, you will see many exotic animals that you only get to see on tv or read in magazines. Zoos are meant for a great time with family and friends, and a learning experience in which you will read and learn about many of the animals there. When people are at zoos there not thinking too much about the
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