Animal Welfare In Zoos

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In a world where animals thrive and live, also comes the world of the human species. For many years animals and humans have lived together and have continued to grow. The human species has always been at the top of the food chain and will continue to be. Because humans are dominant over most animals, many things can happen. One of these things that are capable by the human species are zoos. Zoos have been around in society for many years, and they hold many purposes such as “conservation, science, education, and recreation” (Wickins-Drazilová). Many zoos have mission statements that hold common themes. The common themes among most of the mission statements are “(a) conservation and (b) education” (Patrick). Zoos should always be able to stay true to their mission statements while continuing to ethically provide and care for the animals in captivity. Animal welfare should be amongst the promise of zoos in missions as well. There are flaws in the measurement for animal welfare in zoos. According to Dita Wickins-Drazilová “the usual criteria for measuring for measuring animal welfare in zoos are physical health, long life, and reproduction” (Wickins-Drazilová). There are more factors of animal welfare than the usual criteria. Many zoos claim to have healthy animals that live long lives and reproduce, but that is not merely sufficient enough for proof of good care. A long life in suffering, for example, is not a great way to live, and it is possible for animals to live long

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