Pros And Cons Of Asylum Seekers

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For migrants, the United Kingdom has been a really attractive destination, and according to the 1991 census, “5.5 per cent of the population of Great Britain, or just about 3 million of the total population are from an ethnic group other than white.” Migrants have come to Britain for economic and political push circumstances in their countries of origin, and Britain seemed to a place that they could come and pursue a life with a higher probability of success and happiness. Specifically, after WWII, there was a large amount of labor migration from the Caribbean, South Asia, and Ireland, as the country attempted to rebuild. There was an interesting period of migration that came soon after the war, however, which is now referred to as, “Westward Ho!”. “This scheme essentially provided work for people who migrated to Britain for employment. This went on until 1948 when the more mutual sounding “European Volunteer Worker” program was put into place.” Now fast forward to the 90s, the Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act of 1993 was put into place which was one of the first pieces of legislation put in place that affected asylum seekers solely. “Under the disguise as a helpful piece of legislation for the application process, the reality of this legislation was quite detrimental for those who hoped to seek asylum within Britain. The act added harsher measures to the application process, one example is the inclusion of fingerprinting for asylum seekers.” This, coupled with the

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