Pros And Cons Of Being A Multiculturality Society

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To be British or not to be?

When someone must define themselves, they always ask themselves the same question. Am I British? And where do I belong? The problematic about immigration and the right way to integrate immigrants will always be a main discussion point in all comprehensions. Like Shaykh Hamza said, “People have more allegiance to football teams than they have to Great Britain”. What does national identity and multiculturalism mean to a society.
What does it mean to be British? Some feel British because of their love to their nation or the nation that helped them in the way of life. Back time Great Britain had a lengthy list of colonies. Many of the colonies result in immigrants from worldwide, mainly from Africa. The African immigrants
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A openminded society that enables different beliefs where positive aspects of one culture may be adopted by others to create and contribute a better society. Where every culture learns the best from each other.
The cons of being a multicultural society is prejudice and that individuals bring the society different experiences that can profoundly shape the society. Prejudice can harm any society and especially a vulnerable society, where historical events can affect people’s view of other who are united.
There isn’t any single definition of belonging to a national identity. Every single individual must decide which core values as they emphasize most importantly. The best way to integrate immigrants successfully is to be tolerant and respectful for other races and cultures. It is the keyword to integrate successfully. The benefits of being a multicultural society is greater than the disadvantages. A multicultural society is more unique than a homogeneous society, where everyone looks similar. It’s much more special and eventful to be a part of a multicultural society. In multicultural societies have immigrants played a significant role in shaping the cultural landscape. The differences from each culture defines and makes a multicultural society much more special and interesting to
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