Pros And Cons Of Cheating College Athletes

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College and universities are cheating student athletes out of millions of dollars, “Schools like The School of Alabama brought in 143 million dollars and that is more than any NHL team and 83% more than NBA teams.” (How Much Do Money College Sports Generate) Today in age many people enjoy watching college basketball, football, and other sports. There is a whole month dedicated to college basketball. Colleges and universities have problems with how they pay their athletes. A lot get scholarships and products from sponsors, but they are not commonly paid. College-Athletes are using sports as a job considering the time and effort they put in to going pro. These students have little time for another job and need a way to make money. The NCAA and …show more content…

And if the scholarship was not enough, they also make countless media appearances, sports apparel sponsorship, and provided with top of the line staff. Student athletes can also just get a job to help pay off their school …show more content…

What people do not understand that these scholarships are not really full ride scholarships, “The truth is that "full" scholarships do not always entirely cover tuition and cost of living.” (Krikor Meshefejian, Pay to Play) “While some people believe that college athletes who receive athletic scholarships receive “full-ride” scholarships, the truth is that no athletic scholarship covers ALL of the costs of attending college, and that athletes in the majority of sports programs receive “partial” athletic scholarships.” (Informed Athletes) These athletes can still do what a lot of college students do which is take out loans. The thing is that a good portion of student athletes do not qualify for loans. With the scholarship not covering everything like it originally said it would and the price of high level college being too high, results in athletes forced to drop

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