The Pros and Cons of Paying College Athletes Essay

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LeBron James makes 19.07 million dollars a year, Kobe Bryant makes 30.45 million a year, Peyton Manning makes 18 million dollars a year, the average college athlete makes no money at all. Why do college athletes that put in just as much work get paid differently? This is the way many people feel about NCAA's decision to not pay college athletes. There are always people who think teams should pay their athletes but there are just as many who people who disagree. Paying college athletes continues to be a huge debate in the sports world there are pros and cons for both and both need to be considered in the big decision that the NCAA has to make. There are many pros to paying college athletes. "They are unpaid workers, and in big time …show more content…

How would they separate the money between these two teams? They could either split it in half but then it would not be fare to the football team or do they give the money all the money the football makes to them. There is also the separation between women's and men's revenue. Oregon's men's basketball made $3,300,000 where as the women's team made $225,000.(University of Oregon Department of Athletics). Title 9 says that the men and the women would have to do the same thing which means they would have to split it equal which also would cut into that money. The splitting of the money would be the major problem with paying college athletes. Most people don’t know that college athletes are already getting paid in different ways than just direct money. "A student athlete at a major conference school on a full scholarship is likely receiving a package of education, room, board, and coaching/training worth between $50,000 and $125,000 per year depending on their sport and whether they attend public or private university"(Dorfman). These athletes get training and coaching for free that professionals pay $2,000-$3,000 per week for. They also receive free schooling if they received scholarships from the school. They can also have free room which means the athletes don’t have to pay for their houses. The average college student pays $20,000 in tuition that these athletes get completely free. Yes it is possible that there are some athletes that still

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