Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Hayden White Mrs. Dodson English II Pre-AP 17 November 2015 Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid What amount of money should college athletes be paid? This has been a controversial question for many years.Some lower level Division One NCAA athletes think that their scholarships do not pay them enough as it is, and instead they want cash rather than the scholarship. These situations have been taken to court and arbitrated in NCAA hearings. The NCAA, or the National College Athletics Association, has declined for the athletes to be paid a salary every time when they surmise that they should. There are so many reasons why the NCAA has declined for these athletes to be paid and have proven to be naive. The NCAA should not be conciliatory on…show more content…
These scholarships give these athletes everything that they need and much more. Getting paid by the college would defeat the purpose of the scholarship; so the scholarships will be taken away and then the athletes will be left alone dealing with their own money which could prove to be difficult for most of them to manage along with school work and practices. They have everything that they need right in front of them provided for the most part by the school and sports administration department. Secondly, there is a major difference between professional sports and college sports. “Students are not professional athletes who are paid salaries and incentives for a career in sports. They are students receiving access to a college education through their participation in sports...student athletes are amateurs who choose to participate in intercollegiate athletics as part of their educational experience, thus maintaining a distinction between student athletes who participate in the collegiate model and professional athletes who are also students” (Mitchell). The collegiate athletes’ incentive is the access to an outstanding education. College athletes playing a college sport is not a career or a profession. “The NCAA plays a critical role in the maintenance of a revered tradition of amateurism in college sports”(Ross). This quote is laudable because
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