Pros And Cons Of Cloning

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A bill has just come up that would allow use of taxpayers money to fund both therapeutic and reproductive cloning and there is way you can help. I have done research on both therapeutic and reproductive cloning of all animals and human and it isn’t something I support personally. I’m not the only one who doesn’t support cloning, there are others who agree with me as well, for example, in the article “What Ever Happened to Cloning?” a director for the Division of genomics and society at the National Institutes of health stated that “people were worried that cloning would be used as a means to harvest organs or to replace people that had died.” Others fear narcissists that would engage the method in erroneous attempts to live forever or for parents to replace children that had died. Kimberly Leonard has said that some of those against to human cloning have argued that in creating a clone in science they are creating a monster. Therefore, many have also tried to ban human cloning in several different countries by passing laws but, some politicians couldn't decide when cloning should be banned. In the article “Politics of Cloning” have stated that the politics of cloning are complex by the matter of stem-cell research. Politicians as well as scientists believe stem-cells will one day be able to cure the dangerous diseases and injuries we have in this world but, they need to see the dangerous it can cause as well, for example, unplanned abortions, deformed children, and

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