Pros And Cons Of Colonialism In Africa

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Colonialism integrated Africa into the international economic division of labor. Rele, F. Abiola; Biodun Jeyifo (2010) contends that “Before colonialism, sub-Saharan Africa was a subsistence economy because some African societies were hunting-gathering economies, other societies had agricultural-based economies and used cattle to soften the land for farming as they did not have farming machinery and they relied on rain for irrigation. Whether hunting-gathering or agricultural economies, in most cases precolonial Africans carried out their agricultural work and production collectively or communally in which ideally all able-bodied adults participated. Depending on location, precolonial Africans engaged in crafts-level (not industrial-level) hand-tool manufacturing, they produced agricultural tools, cloths, iron or copper …show more content…

(1976) argues that “under capitalism, the international divider of labor was formed by none economic as well as by commercial factors. The rise of the capitalist colonial system was escorted by the destruction of the traditional economic structures of the colonies, which were forced to produce primarily those commodities needed by the monopolies”. There are a number of reasons for the one-sided nature of the international division of labor under capitalism. On the one hand, a thin group of mechanically developed imperialist powers rose, and in them, a complex variety of unified branches of manufacturing developed. In the less important imperialist countries, which become more specialized within the international division of labor, there was a thinner range of branches of industry than in the main imperialist countries. On the other hand, a number of countries were singled out and turned into agricultural and raw materials appendages of the industrially developed imperialist powers. The economies of many developing countries were particularly distorted because they specialized in only one or two agricultural goods or raw

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