Pros And Cons Of Drug Testing

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Rushma Parajuli English 110: Introduction to Academic Writing (Dr. Marjorie Swann) Random Drug Testing for Everyone at Hendrix: Is it a Good or a Bad Idea? Substance abuse or drug abuse has been one of the major issues in American schools and colleges for a very long time. As reported by USA Today, "Nearly half of America's 5.4 million full-time college students abuse drugs or drink alcohol on binges at least once a month" (Leinwand). Consequently, these issues have brought us into a major debate; the question is whether colleges and schools in America should implement a drug testing program or not. Hendrix College has also been concerned about this ongoing issue. As stated in the Hendrix College Student Handbook, "The educational mission and the high standards of Hendrix require that the campus be free of all illegal drugs" (Hendrix College Student Handbook), so every student-athlete at Hendrix College has to go through the NCAA-mandated random drug-testing policy. A question has been raised whether the drug-testing policy on campus should only be limited to the student-athletes or whether everyone on campus must go through these tests to prevent substance abuse on campus? There are arguments on both sides of the drug testing issues. However, I personally think mandating the drug testing program to all the Hendrix students will make the college more inclusive; this policy also supports the students' right; having such program can also be used for deterrence purpose as

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