Pros And Cons Of Dystopia

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Utopia is an idealized society where everything is perfect in terms of politics, laws, customs and conditions everything is going smoothly but Dystopia is a complete and exact opposite of it. Dystopia is an exaggerated worst case scenario of it; a futuristic, imagined universe which provides an illusion of perfect idealized society in which this illusion is maintained through bureaucratic, corporate, technological and totalitarian control. The main agenda of dystopia is to make a criticism of political system, societal norms and current trends. Dystopia is a society which is as dehumanizing and as obnoxious as possible.
Dystopia is set in future, a future where technology is used to create perfect living conditions and through oppressive social control a perfect illusion of perfect society is maintained. This genre of literature is an amalgamation of science, speculative and fantasy fiction there is a reason behind it that it never becomes irrelevant and readers comes back to it whenever the present regime around them goes out of control and the existential dilemma falls upon them, dystopia is a warning that things are bad in present and if things are continued at present rate a lot worse could happen. There are certain characteristics of dystopian society to which every reader irrespective of the political regime or the era they belongs to can identify themselves, per say Propaganda is always there to control the citizens because without it the society will go haywire, Information, independent thoughts and freedom are restricted because obviously that illusion of perfect society shouldn’t
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supposed to be broken, A figurehead is worshipped by the citizens of the society just like BIG BROTHER in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) in this society the only thing one could love and trust is Big Brother; citizens will never dared to gather the audacity to question his authority, citizens of such society lives under constant
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