Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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Arguments in favor of euthanasia say that people are capable of making rational decisions, even when they are suffering and terminally ill. These decisions are usually based upon moral or religious values as well as certain beliefs concerning the value and quality of human life (Robinson, 2016). Different arguments in favor of euthanasia include saying certain ways of dying are better than others called “The Good Death” or letting the patient die in dignity. This view gives the patient an advantage of not dying from their disease of from the injury. If the person is in pain it reduces their suffering, this is considered a favorable act for euthanasia. People will still attempt suicide if they can’t get a physician to perform euthanasia because it is “illegal”, euthanasia prepares the family for the death of a loved one and avoids the horrific scene of someone having to discover their lifeless body. The top argument against euthanasia is that no person can take the life of another, because in some cases active and involuntary euthanasia are considered to be murder. People feel as if a physician’s job is to help their patient and prevent their death, when others believe that physicians are not capable of preventing death completely and should respect the wishes of their patients. Another argument against would be suffering is “good” for the soul. Some people believe that suffering is payments for sins in the current world to guarantee them a better afterlife. Then there is

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