Pros And Cons Of Fear Of Super Intelligence

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Should we be scared of super intelligence?
Superintelligence is an artificial intelligence that has its own brain and can develop its own thoughts which is likely to be smarter than human in every aspects including ability to work and social skills. Superintelligence can come in many forms of technology including computers and robots. In today’s world, there are many evidences which prove that superintelligence exists in our society. There is no doubt why people to be scared of this kind of technology that can think and make decisions on its own. With its abilities to evolve and self-learn the environment, there are unlimit consequences that can derive from these machines. Torres has put this in a very precise and easy to understand words,
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According to Arend Hintze, there are four different types of fear about artificial intelligence including fear of unforeseen, fear of misuse, fear of wrong social priorities, and fear of the nightmare scenario; the first fear being fear of unforeseen. Even if the designers of the superintelligence think they can control what they have made, they might not understand what the machine is thinking. One of the examples of the real world being AlphaGo, the computer program, have beaten the professional go player from South korea, Lee Sedol, who is one of the best go players in the world. Go is one of the most complex board games with the most simple rules where there are two players in which each one of them takes turn placing one of the stones given (black or white) onto the 19 by 19 grid board. The purpose of the game is to create as much territories surrounded by their own stones as possible. Once a player’s stones are circled by the other player’s stones, those stones need to be removed from the board. Since there is no artificial intelligence that have ever beat the brain of human before, the Alpha go, which was developed by a team of twenty people, is considered one of the superintelligence. These kinds of artificial intelligence system that can defeat human’s brain could turn into something scary in the future. Thus, humans should be aware of superintelligence and be responsible of what they have
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