The Growth of Artificial Intelligence and Its Relevance to the Matrix

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Have you ever been uncertain about the world you live in, and the reality of the truth? The fear of knowing is a common response to most of what we do not know. The real answers make it apparent, that some wish not to understand the truth about everything. Society has made life so self-explanatory that the unknown has now become a mission to be kept a secret. Some are in fear of finding the truth, due to the fact it could have substantial affects on the entire human race. The world as we know it could prosper or fail with any new attempts in high-risk technology. Science and new advancements in artificial intelligence have made it accessible to finding out more than humans have every imagined possible. The development of the computer was a …show more content…

IBM's Deep Blue Chess computer. This marked a milestone for AI because Gary is undoubtedly at the time the best chess player in the world. The outcome of the game left Gary Kasparov epitomized by technology and beaten. According to author Mark Gibbs, his discussion of the aspects that revolve around this interaction with computers relates to this specific case study. He states, "I reckon that we'll eventually get machines so behaviorally complex that it won't just be a matter of reading the manual and loading the software. Applications will be built from so many complex components that they will have to psychoanalyze and persuaded into doing what is required" (Proquest 2). Gibbs analyzed simply what he believed to be proven facts that intelligence has reached a far more complex stage. Computer intelligence can beat an all time winning chess champion, it was also distinctively showing personality like traits as Mr. Kasparov observed. The world of computers and technology has just begun to shape and mold itself into whatever conclusion artificial intelligence will reveal in the future.
The relevance of powered mechanical intelligence is apparent in film The Matrix and constructively used as a theme. A philosophical precedent to this film is the works of Rene Descartes, responsible for Cartesian coordinates and the well-known phrase "I think, therefore I am." This phrase made him famous

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