Pros And Cons Of Free Healthcare In The United States

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Nico Flores
English 100
Healthcare In The US Throughout the modern era of the United States, one constant issue in society is free healthcare. This issue is not just an issue in the United States, but also in the whole world. Many other countries have made drastic changes in order to fix or at least attempt to fix this issue in their own country, but the U.S. has not done very much. Many Americans believe that free healthcare is something that tax paying citizens should be entitled to. These citizens of the United States ask why and how do many other countries have free healthcare, but the U.S. does not. These citizens ask this because they consider the fact that the United States is a very powerful country, but there are many other poorer countries around the world that have free healthcare.
Free healthcare is medical care that is paid for that gives free of charge primary services to all citizens of the county, regardless of the citizens income or wealth. Currently in 2017, over 50 countries have free healthcare and several of those countries also have universal healthcare, which offers coverage in all medical situations to 90% of their citizens. Overtime the goal of the world should be for everyone to have universal healthcare, but the United States tends to support private healthcare. Private healthcare directly takes money out of citizens pockets and makes them pay for it. Although one is more expensive compared to the other both types of healthcare have

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