Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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• Genetic Engineering is a field of engineering that deals with genes and DNA and their combination to get some specified traits. It is used by scientists to improve or modify the traits of an individual organism.
• Genetic engineering, which is also called genetic modification is a process of insertion of new DNA to a living organism through artificial methods.
• Genetic Engineering is a process in which a gene is physically removed from an organism and is inserted into another organism which now expresses the qualities given by that gene.
• A genetically modifies organism is generally referred to as a GMO that is genetically modifies organism. A GMO can be anything-a plant, an animal, a microorganism or any other organism which is genetically modified in a laboratory.


Analytical Genetic Engineering
Under this branch of genetic engineering effective genetic models are created using computer based software. Under this, computer software are used to verify if the theoretically studied combinations would be a success or not before actually bringing it in practice. This is a trial and error method which reduces risks.

Applied Genetic Engineering
Applied genetic engineering is the practical application of genetic engineering tools. It is the process of manipulating the genes of organisms for making their genetic copies. The two examples of applied genetic engineering are cloning and transgenesis. Cloning on one hand, has always
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