Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

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The cons of not building this new border wall is the fact that there may be an increase in illegal immigration via the Mexican border. I personally feel that illegal immigration is only negative due to the maltreatment of these immigrants in society, work place, etc. The inability of illegal immigrants to come forward to receive help due to the threat of deportation and consequences is very detrimental.
Many illegal immigrants are given poor paying jobs that many United States citizens do not wish to perform. Many of these jobs are very dangerous and are to little benefit for the migrant workers. For example, in California, many migrant workers plant or work on farms. They are exposed to toxins all day such as fertilizers and pesticides. Then, they are paid very little and have a very poor amount of resources and money to support or send back to their family. Since the toxins that they are exposed to may harm their health, the need for proper medical care and insurance is needed. Due to them being undocumented and given poor funds, many will not get the chance to receive the help that they need. Proper healthcare, food, and shelter are basic needs that I feel every citizen or resident, no matter what their status is, should be able to fulfill these basic needs. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for illegal immigrants residing within the United States.
Another con of not building the wall is that many native-born citizens will continue to feel threatened by the presence

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