Pros And Cons Of Native American Assimilation Debate

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Native American Assimilation Debate Why should Native Americans have to assimilate into the American Mainstream? Why Can’t it be the other way around? It is so easy for Americans to say “oh what you have is great, but here take this.” I think that instead of forcing our culture and religion onto people we need to consider first listening to Native Americans and learning about their culture. We need to have humility when it comes to learning about other cultures. Americans need to step out of their comfort zones and be willing to be challenged by different beliefs. Americans should embrace the different culture and make an effort to recognize it. Native Americans are humans and need to be treated as so. Instead of throwing our ways at Native Americans we should step into their shoes and ask questions to learn about them as individual people. Assimilation could be argued as being helpful for some as they learned what a valuable work ethic means. It also opened doors to many marketable jobs and opportunities. There are many pros to getting off the reservation and living the “American dream,” but not every person wants that. If Americans truly cared and valued Indians they would remove the white bias and set aside all of their beliefs to understand and help the Indians. I believe that so many people are stuck in their ways. They see the “speck in someone else’s eye, but fail to see the rod in their own” as Dr. Rivera presented in a class discussion. It is so crucial to look

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