Pros And Cons Of Native Americans

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The Americas before 1492, I would say had between 5 to 10 million native Americans living throughout the western hemisphere. Their tribes stretched across what we know now as north America, Mexico and South America. There is no exact answer to how big the population was because there were not many places if any places at all that kept record of that at that time. There was no such thing as birth control or condoms at the time either, so the families had to be a pretty good size which made the different tribes even bigger.
The result of Europeans coming to the Americas did not have a good one because the native Americans had a specific way of living. They learned to adapt to different environments. From prairies, desserts, forest and even along oceans. They were fantastic hunters, farmers, entrepunors and architects. The Indians had their own trading routes with other tribes throughout the western hemisphere. The native Americans also had their own religious beliefs and traditions. So, when the Europeans came to America also came change, and that is when the problem started. Because they did not agree with was the Europeans wastefulness. When the Indians killed animals, they used every part of the animal unlike the Europeans who were only looking for the fur to trade. Not only were the Europeans way of living different from the Indians their health was different too which opened the door to new diseases that later wiped out majority of the native population.
The Europeans

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