Pros And Cons Of Primacy

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Primacy pays much attention to identifying potential threats to American interests and measures to contain them. A rising China and a resurgent Russia top the list of potential challengers to American preeminence. We as primacy advocates are also concerned with non-traditional military threats from non-state actors such as terrorist organizations with weapons of mass destruction. Also, fear that a rogue state like North Korea may try to strike the American homeland is the rationale behind primacy’s call for the continued strong support for the development and eventual deployment of ballistic missile defense. Meeting all potential threats to America’s preeminence will not be cheap however it will be needed.
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The development, maintenance, and, if required, the exercise of American power occupied the center of the administration’s vision of a "new world order." National security planning documents argued that the United States should harness its formidable military power to establish a post-Cold War "Pax Americana." This power would reassure America’s allies that their security was in America’s national interest and serve as a clear rationale against their enhancing their own defenses, which they might one day use to challenge U.S. global leadership. For instance, President Bush supported the deepening and widening of the European Union (EU) but looked askance at European efforts to develop an integrated military force that could act outside NATO channels and hence American stewardship. To America’s foes, primacy under Bush made it plain that the United States stood ready to defend the new world order against rogue states, states with aspirations for regional hegemony, and a resurgent Russia. In short, precluding the emergence of any potential future global competitor stood as the central objective of the Bush administration’s foreign

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