Pros And Cons Of Sexual Assault

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How educated a person is when it comes to sexual assault plays a huge role in the committing of assault. David Lisak, a retired professor of psychology found that there is little to no difference between incarcerated rapists and undetected campus rapists (rapists who were never charged). He conducted a survey with men asking questions like, “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with an adult when they didn’t want to because you used physical force if they didn’t cooperate?” or “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with someone, even though they didn’t want to because they were too intoxicated to resist?” He ultimately discovered that a lot of those men would confess to such crimes only because they didn’t consider it assault (Myers). His research sheds light on the fact that a lot of college men are not as educated on sexual assault as they should be. That lack of knowledge would expose itself when those guys are touching and/or grabbing a girl in a way that is wrong. If a guy is touching a girl and she obviously doesn't want to be touched, how much more traumatizing is it for her knowing that he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he is doing? Knowing what is and isn’t sexual assault should not be a hard concept to grasp. The lack of education those young college men have, is a reason many of them don’t see much wrong with sexual assault.
Starting better education programs to get new college students aware of how wrong sexual assault is, is pivotal in putting a stop to

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