Pros And Cons Of The British Constitution

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The British constitution can be defined as a framework of rules which interpret the way in which power is separated between the various parts of the state and relationship between the state and individual. The British Constitution structures, administers and governs state power. Democracy, economic performance as well as human rights, are all outcomes of a countries constitution. The British constitution is the symbolic function of defining the nation and its goals. Along with merely 5 other countries, Britain is among very few to have an uncodified constitution. An uncodified constitution is where the constitution is unwritten. The British constitution is also classified as “uncodified”, because many UK laws of a constitutional nature are …show more content…

Firstly that all actions by the governments must be authorized by the Law. Secondly, that nobody may be punished unless the law authorizes it. And thirdly, that regular Law would be above discretionary powers. The Rule of Law has been debated and discussed ever since it's creation, although the issue is that it isn't clearly defined in most cases where it is used. To put it simply, the Rule of Law dictates that "none are above the law, but the law is above all". The best way to give meaning to the rule of law is to use it in a modern example; President Mugabe refused to follow The rule of Law by stating that he would not remove war veterans from white owned farms. Mugabe was court ordered to remove war veterans from these farms, with his refusal to do so he breached and ignored The Rule of Law. We need The Rule of Law so that no one in a society is immune to the rules that society has set. The Rule of Law makes sure that all laws are applied to everyone in the equal measure. It makes sure to disregard race, religion, and any other defining characteristics of a given individual. The Rule of Law assures us that that there is structure within all other Laws and that all Laws cannot change on the whims of people in political …show more content…

It is described as the most important aspect of the U.K. Constitution but in all retrospect it is only the most powerful. There is no end to what Parliament can do or create, Igor Jennings (1959) stated that "parliament can legislate to ban smoking on the street of Paris, parliament can legally make a man into woman", and Sir Leslie Stephens said "Parliament could legislate to have a blue eyed babies put to death"; these quotes show us for how long there have been negative comments towards Parliament Sovereignty and the power they

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