Principles Of The Nation 's Constitution And The Bill Of Rights

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In any government, there are the governing principles which help in governing the nation. These principles are used as a basis for governance in the nation. The principles are clearly defined in the nation’s constitution and the bill of rights. The important principles give people a sense of national identity of belonging to a certain nation, hold the people together and allow the government to function competently. In American government, there are fundamental principles which have been established and are used in the governing of the people. The principles include rule of law, democracy, representative government, limited government and consent of the governed. These principles are protected by the constitution of the United States.
Rule of law
The rule of law is whereby the government and all those who govern are bound by the law and everyone must follow the law. Rule of law is also known as nomocracy. Government individual officials are not entitled to make any decision which is not in accordance to the law (Paulsen, Calabresi, McConnell & Bray, 2013). All the citizens are governed by the law including those who make the laws. A. V. Dicey has highly advocated for rule of law in modern times and has popularized it. In history the idea of rule of law can be traced back to the ancient civilizations like China, Mesopotamia, and Rome among others.
The rule of law is viewed as one of the main element that establishes good governance of a state. In United States
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