Pros And Cons Of The First Amendment

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First Amendment When talking about the First Amendment, the law protects us from freedom of speech and free exercise of religion and it also stop congress from making any new law to prohibit free speech and free exercise. The case involving a Christian printer who refused to print gay pride T-shirts. The printer declined the printing job for T-shirts promoting a gay pride festival on religious grounds, but he did offered the customer to help them find other local printers to do the work for the same price. Based on the information that was provided the printer had a history of rejecting other orders for shirts promoting sexually explicit material/actions and violence. There are a couple of argument that he owner could argue about one would be is that it is his own business and he put his blood, sweat, and tears into the business. On top of that it was his own money that started the business without any government helps or assistances. No one should be forced to do anything against what they believe in. For example, you are an Asian business owner of a printing shop and a customer came in and requests to do a print job of a man holding chopstick and a bowl of rice, hanging by the neck with a rope with X as eyes and a tongue stick out of the mouth. Who would in their right mind take that job?
The second argument would be is that the owner has a right to decline to print anything against their belief, and a photographer gay or not has a right to decline to

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